November in the garden with Twigland

The Edible Garden

  • This month keep making successional sowings of summer vegetables such as lettuce, beans and beetroot to keep a continuous supply over summer.
  • Give established vegetable plants a side dressing of general fertiliser to keep growth active - remember to water well after feeding plants.
  • Spray as necessary with Yates Mavrik to keep insect pests at bay while keeping bees safe.
  • Plant Basil and tomatoes together - they are good companion plants.
  • Main crop potatoes can be planted now - more on potatoes here
  • Keep feeding tomatoes regularly with liquid tomato food.
  • Dust cabbage and cauliflower plants with Derris Dust to control white butterfly caterpillar.

The Flower Garden

  • Plant Fuchsias in shady parts of the garden that get dappled sunlight - they make a colourful summer display. Use lots of compost to get plants off to a good start.
  • Fill pots and containers and hanging baskets with geraniums, cape daisies, impatiens, petunias, and Calibrochoa, for bright, colourful summer displays.
  • Continue planting annual summer flowers such as cosmos, marigold, lobelia, petunias, impatiens, alyssum and portulaca.
  • Feed roses with Rose Food and spray with Combat 3 in 1 to control insects and diseases.
  • Water pots and hanging baskets daily. Feed weekly with liquid or soluble plant food such as Phostrogen.
  • Repot orchids that have finished flowering.