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We've got your complete garden solution - inspiration, problem solving, advice, a great range of plants, garden care products and tips to make landscaping easy and simple.

And because we've been looking after Wellington's gardeners for close to fifty years, our staff know just what it takes to build and manage Wellington gardens and they’re here to help you garden successfully.

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The last decade has seen a revolution is people’s desire and enjoyment in growing their own food – veges, fruit, herbs …  At Twigland, we’re specialists in edible plants that do well in Wellington - our monthly fruit planner shows how you can pick fresh fruit year round. Pop on in, and you’ll be growing your own veges and fruit in no time at all!


Flowering shrubs and perennials, bedding plants and potted colour, pots and bowls or colourful and striking foliage – whatever, you can enjoy a colourful garden year round. Call on in out and we’ll show you how.


Wellington’s gardening conditions are readily mastered with a little care and attention, advice and knowledge.  Our climate and soils can be challenging, and Twigland’s team can help you with garden styles, plant selections and garden care produsts to suit your conditions. Talk with one of them when you next visit.

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