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  • Lilies are flowering plants grown from bulbs.
  • There are many forms, the most popular belonging to one of the following groups:
    • Asiatic, Candidum, Species, Longiflorum, Oriental
  • They come in a range of flower colours, including, white, pink, yellow, orange and red.
  • They are summer flowering and can be grown in the garden or in pots.


  • Lilies prefer to grow in acid, or lime free, soils.
  • Even though lily bulbs should never dry out, they do need a free draining soil to let excess moisture drain away.
  • They like a semi shaded situation, or dappled sunlight
  • Give them plenty of moisture in hot dry spells.
  • Taller varieties will need staking
  • Re plant bulbs immediately after lifting – do not let bulbs dry out.

When to Plant

  • Lilies are purchased as bulbs and planted early to mid autumn.
  • After purchase, plant Lily bulbs as soon as possible to reduce the risk of the bulbs drying out in the small bags they are sold in.

Where to Plant

  • Lilies can either be planted in the garden or in pots and containers.
  • When planting in the garden make sure to provide a fertile, free draining soil. The addition of pumice sand or grit at the base of the planting hole will assist with this
  • In pots always use a good quality potting mix.
  • In the garden a good bulb food should be applied at planting time. Once plants emerge liquid feed at two weekly intervals.
  • In pots it is best to use a slow release fertiliser to promote flowers.


  • Lilies can be used successfully in the following situations:-
    • In garden borders from the centre to the back
    • In pots and containers
    • Semi-shade, dappled light positions
    • Woodland themed gardens
    • Decks and patios
    • Conservatories and glasshouses

Popular Varieties

  • Candidum—’Madonna Lily’ - white
  • Auratum—’Golden Rayed Lily’ - white with gold marking
  • Speciosum—’Japanese Lily’ - pink
  • Lancefolium—’Tiger Lily’ - golden, flecked
  • Regale—’Regal Lily’ - white
  • Longiflorum—’Easter Lily’ - white