Cultural Requirements

  • Position
    North facing ideal
    In warm areas plant May-Sept.
    In cold areas plant Aug – Dec.
  • Soil
    Must be well drained
    Dig deeply
    Add Organic Compost and General Garden Food (see packet for rates)
    Can also be grown in pots and containers – use Container Mix. Approx. 6 corms to a 20cm t/c pot
    Give weekly applications of Yates Thrive Liquid Flower and Fruit during period when flower stalks are forming ,as new corms are developing at the same time
  • Water
    Keep well watered through growing period, especially in drier periods


  • With basal plate downwards
  • 10cm deep, 15-20cm apart
  • Plant in groups, rather than rows
  • Staking necessary to protect from wind damage
  • Position stake at time of planting to avoid damage to bulbs

Pests & Diseases

  • Thrips
    Small rasping insect which causes silvering of leaves and dark specks on underside of leaves. Spray with Mavrik
  • Rust
    Yellow-orange mottled areas on upper surface of some leaves  - some yellow-orange pustules on undersides. Spray with Shield.
  • Virus
    Symptoms do not show up until flowering
    Flowers develop streaks and broken colour
    Destroy infected plants