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Varieties - Mary Washington, Jersey Giant

Cultural Requirements

  • Good soil preparation essential
  • Remove all perennial weeds
  • Free draining sandy loam ideal
  • Dig in peat / compost in clay soils to assist drainage – raised planting in heavy wet soils, best methods
  • Dig furrow 30cm wide, 20-25cm deep
  • Work in General Garden Food, 100gm/m²
  • Leave 1 metre between rows
  • Plant crowns at 40cm spacings
  • Cover with 5cm of soil
  • Gradually fill in furrow as young spears appear
  • Leave top of spear showing above soil


  • Do not cut spears in first 2 years
  • spears 3cm below soil surface when 15-22cm long
  • In third year cut spears over 2 week period
  • Expand this out to a 10 week period mid September – end of November after about 5 years
  • Plants go into fern stage early December onwards
  • As fern turns yellow at end of April cut down and remove
  • Asparagus is a perennial and will last in ground for up to 20 years

Pests & Diseases

  • Asparagus is generally unaffected by many pests and diseases
  • Can sometimes be affected by slugs and snails and rust

Pest & Disease Control

  • McGregor’s Slug and Snail pellets
  • Shield


  • Mary Washington 500
    Standard variety
    Reliable producer
  • Jersey Giant
    Outstanding new American variety
    Produces large, juicy tender stems
    Easily grown
    3-4 times more production per plant