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  • Good soil preparation is the key to achieving a good lawn
  • Spray out all weeds with a glyphosate weed killer such as Roundup
  • Allow 10-14 days for weeds to die and brown off
  • Soil should be dug to a depth of 15cm - break up large clods and remove all stones and debris
  • Create a new, level surface with Tui Lawn Preparation Mix to a depth of 2-3cm
  • f soil is clay or very heavy, apply Gypsum Claybreaker and work in some sandy soil
  • In very wet conditions, artificial drainage may be necessary
  • If soil is sandy and free draining, add compost, peat to improve its water holding ability
  • Rake and level, filling in hollows and removing high spots
  • Slope lawn away from house and other buildings
  • Tread and rake the area several times to consolidate and stop further sinking


  • Apply a slow release fertiliser such as Scott’s Lawn Builder
  • Once grass is established, feed with Tui Lawn Fertiliser every spring and autumn
  • Never fertilise in dry conditions

Sowing Seeds

  • Sow in calm weather
  • Sow in early morning
  • Mixing seed with some sand helps even spread
  • Sow seeds in two directions, walking backwards across lawn, North -South, East - West
  • Ensure even coverage - avoid dumping seed in patches
  • Sow at 30gm/m²
  • Keep surface moist with light watering until seeds germinate, ie. at least daily
  • As seed grows water more heavily but less frequently, i.e. every 2 days


  • Mow frequently for best results
  • Avoid cutting too low or ‘scalping’
  • Cutting height between 2.5 -4cm is ideal

Pests & Diseases

The worst enemies of good lawn are Porina and Grass Grub, and the invasion of broadleaf weeds

Porina Caterpillar

  • Feed on grass
  • Chew grass off to ground level
  • Do not eat roots
  • Caterpillar is grey colour with dark head
  • Appear Feb - April

Grass Grub

  • Feed on roots
  • Yellow patches and stunted lawn growth
  • Adult beetles feed on foliage in garden in November
  • Grub appears autumn, early winter

Pest & Disease Control

  • Porina
    • Apply Kiwicare LawnPro Lawnguard in autumn
  • Grass Grub
    • Apply Kiwicare LawnPro Lawnguard in spring and autumn
  • Broadleaf weeds
    • Apply Yates Turfix in spring and autumn
  • Onehunga weed
    • Apply Yates Prickle Weed Killer in spring